Aeri 6.0


Too low air humidity in the room can cause many unpleasant health conditions. Aeri 6.0 is an excellent solution to this problem – thanks to ceramic filters, rotatable nozzle and aromatherapy function it will change your apartment.

  • Easy-to-use touch control panel and a remote pilot.
  • Aromatherapy with cold and hot steam will fill the room with relaxing atmosphere.


Moreover, its modern design will add up to the decor of any room. Due to very silent operation and night mode Aeri 4.0 takes care of your health and wellbeing day and night.

Ceramic filter guarantees purity of water that is being used by the humidifier.


Tank capacity: 6l
Size: 290*170*337 mm
LCD screen
Operated via touch panel or remote control
Constant air humidity control
Water level sensor
Timer: 1-2-4-8h
Automatic shutdown
Efficiency: ≥ 350 ml/h (8.5 l / 24h)
Night mode: LED backlight
Turbine fan air filter
Power: 40W

Technical support

Aeri 6.0 – user manual