Multifunctional food processor is a perfect solution in any kitchen. MultiDo has been made of best materials and designed in a way to offer maximum functionality, uncompromising quality and still occupy as little kitchen space as possible.

  • Blender with a glass goblet – The blender with glass 1.5l container, equipped with removable stainless steel blades, allows you to prepare a large portion of cold desserts, ice cream or refreshing drinks.
  • Fruit juicer – Practical tool allows you to easily squeeze juice from your favorite fruit, leaving the pulp and seeds on the sieve.
  • Meat mincer – Equipped with solid metal body, 3 sieves, an aluminum tray and a sausage tip, the meat mincer will easily grind all sorts of meat.
  • Vegetable shredder – The device is equipped with steel shredder blades and 3 discs of different size for cutting vegetables.
  • Coffee grinder.


MultiDo comes with included: upper mechanism cap, low-speed squeezer with pusher and tray, meat grinder with 3 sieves and aluminum tray, blender with 1.5 l glass goblet, vegetable shredder with 3 blades, coffee/seed grinder, cold dessert/ice cream cap and a sausage tip.


Continuous operation/rest:
*blender 3min/1min
*meat mincer 10min/2min
*vegetable shredder 10min/2min
*squeezer 10min/2min
*grinder 1min/3min
Engine speed: 80 RPM
Cable length: 1.2m


MultiDo – user manual