Parry 2.0


The steam mop Parry 2.0 is a multi-functional, eco-friendly cleaning device that can be easily transformed into a handheld steam cleaner. It kills 99.9% of bacteria without using any chemicals. The mop is suitable for many types of surfaces. The device is ready to work in as little time as 25 seconds.

  • Wide set of accessories
  • Special filter prevents calcification of water


High power (1500 W) allows it effortlessly handle even the most dirty places. The mop has been designed to clean all kinds of surfaces: wood, panels, tiles and carpets.

Energy management system used in Parry 2.0 provides maximum efficiency with minimal power consumption. Removable 370 ml water container allows for up to 20 minutes of continuous operation. Steam output: 19g/min.


Power: 1500W
Easy configuration
Removable water tank with a capacity of 370 ml
Continuos operation time: up to 20 min
Swivel head
Working temperature: 90-105’C
Water filter
Automatic heating control
Efficiency: 19 g/min
LED indication diods
Comfortable handle
Handle with clip for cord
Steam cleaner function
The product box contains:
Steam mop
4 microfibre pads
2 water filters
Outlet nozzle
2 cleaning brushes
Carpet cleaning pad
Window cleaner
Garment cleaning cover
Angle nozzle

Technical support

Parry 2.0 – user manual