The air purifier PURI provides clean and healthy air in your apartment. Due to precise multi-stage filtration the device effectively removes 99.97% of impurities while proper ventilation and innovative solutions ensure highly efficient and quick operation.




1. Pre-filtration – removes dust and mites.

2. Activated carbon filtration – efficiently removes cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and volatile organic compounds, thereby eliminating foul odours.

3. HEPA – removes 99.97% of such air pollutants as: pet dander, pollen, mold spores, dust particles, mites and other airborne allergens. It removes items larger than 0.3 um.

4. Ionisation – effectively removes bacteria and dust. The device produces 10 million negative ions per second, which positively affects body’s immunity and metabolism.

5. Photocatalyst – cooperates with the UV lamp effectively fighting bacteria viruses and toxins. It degrades pollutants into non-hazardous components (water, carbon dioxide, etc).

6. UV – highly biocidal; irreversibly deactivates bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and other microorganisms.


6 stages of air purification
Easy configuration
HEPA filter
Ion filter
UV lamp filter
Catalytic filter (TiO2)
5 fan grades
Efficience of purification: 230m3/h
LCD display
Filter life: up to 12 months
Timer: up to 8h
Power: 50W
Child protection system
Energy efficient – complies with Energy Star standard
The product box contains:
Air purifier

Technical support

Puri – user manual